Fall Guys Servers Come Back Online After Maintenance

Fall Guys did not have a great day on Friday with the game’s servers facing problem throughout the day to the point that players often couldn’t even get into a game. Players would infinitely fall in the matchmaking screen only to be met with a message that the game couldn’t be found, and though Fall Guys was working in the morning, things went awry for most of the day. After putting the servers in maintenance mode to work on them, however, the game is now back online with everything running smoothly.

Early on August 8th, the very active and personable Fall Guys Twitter account and the separate Fall Guys account dedicated to updates on the game’s servers shared tweets that said the game’s servers were coming back online and were holding up. Capacity for the game was increased to account for the weekend rush since this is the first weekend that Fall Guys has been live since its tremendous launch that took it to the top of Twitch and Steam.

Continued updates about the status of the game were shared on Friday as players looked for answers regarding why they couldn’t get into games. The game still managed to garner quite the following on Twitch even with the servers being down for the majority of the day as players watched and waited for a full fix to come through.

Because of the lengthy downtime, developer Mediatonic said through the Twitter account that it’s working on getting some rewards out to players for their patience. It hasn’t been said yet what those will be, but with all sorts of cosmetics and currencies like Crowns and Kudos, there are plenty of options to pick from.


Fall Guys players uncovered a bug recently that’s affecting one of the game modes players find themselves in during the final moments of an episode. Even with bugs and server issues, it’s still pretty difficult to get frustrated at Fall Guys.