'Fallout 4' Modding Goes Very Wrong In This Hilarious Video

We talk about modding, the process of modifying a game from its original state, here at ComicBook [...]

We talk about modding, the process of modifying a game from its original state, here at ComicBook quite a bit. How could we not? It's a fun way to breathe fresh life into a beloved game and ups the chances of a phenomenal replay experience. Still, that doesn't mean the process is always easy but when it doesn't end in disaster, it can end in some pretty hilarious glitches.

During a recent modding project of my own with BioWare's Mass Effect trilogy, a mesh for my Shepard had one weird side effect. Mass Effect 2's Miranda Lawson suddenly had these massive knockers that could wipe out any Batarian in a 10 mile radius. But it had me thinking of all of the other comedic mishaps and that's why this video from Mashed was too perfect not to share.

The animated "Modding Problems" video is for Bethesda's Fallout 4 and brings massive boobs, a crying Preston, and some other really weird and uncomfortable things into the Wasteland. Yeah, more uncomfortable than Death Claws or my romantic attraction to a smoking ghoul (How you doin', Hancok?).

The team over at Mashed are no stranger to hilarious animations, and definitely no stranger to the woes of modding "Oopsies." Still, the show must go on and the modding must continue. Even if sometimes it results in the thing of nightmares. A small price to pay, because now my Commander Shepard looks boss as hell.

What are some of your most hilarious modding misshaps? Crazy body contortions? Disproportionate graphics? Face melting (it's a thing, look it up)? Sound off and tell us all of your horror details in the comments section below, or hit me up over on Twitter @DirtyEffinHippy!

For more about the YouTube channel Mashed:

"We're three gaming obsessed maniacs, dedicated to delivering you a weekly dose of sweet cartoons. Everything's original and if it's not made by us, it's made with awesome creators like Zeurel, Flashgitz, Rice Pirate, Red Minus, The Jam Cave, Weebl and many more! So what should we make more of? Who should we work with? What do you hate? Don't be too harsh - we got feels yeah."