Fallout 4 New Vegas Mod Reveals More Screenshots To Show Progress


The mod bringing New Vegas into Fallout 4 is well underway, and the team behind the upcoming content gave a developer update on their site. In the most recent update, the crew let interested fans in on what they've been working on so far to get this project up and moving. Between working on new locations, making sure the mechanics run smoothly, and more - they've definitely got their hands full but it looks like it's coming along nicely.

This is what the Fallout 4 New Vegas team has to say to those waiting for the full mod to release:

"On the development front for this week, work was spent primarily working on our worldspace. Between polishing existing locations and pre-terraforming other parts of the world, our Level Design team have had their hands full getting things looking and feeling good. The screenshots with this week's devlog showcase the area between Goodsprings and Jean, with a nice selection of different previews of the lighting scheme we're aiming for.

Our asset creation team, in the meantime, has been focused on getting more work done on new materials for environmental assets, as well as knocking out more awesome content like Deadpool2099's incredible Caravan Shotgun. We have some more great stuff coming down the pipes that we're very excited to show off, as well as some additional releases of content lined up for the coming weeks, so stay tuned for that."

In addition to the update, they also provided a few new screenshots, seen below, to show off the beautiful environments and how they are coming along in their development stages. All in all, it's hard not to be impressed by this tremendous undertaking. That's a lot of content to reconfigure, and a lot of die-hard Fallout fans have pledged their support to this ongoing project. To support the team, and learn more, you can check out the official modding page here. As of right now, we're hoping for an early 2018 release!

(Photo: Fallout 4 New Vegas)
(Photo: Fallout 4 New Vegas)