'Fallout 4' Photo Mode Is Coming, Thanks to This Mod

Photo Modes have become almost a requirement for games with how stunningly beautiful they've [...]

Photo Modes have become almost a requirement for games with how stunningly beautiful they've become over the years. Fallout 76 has only just released, but players can't get enough of the Wasteland's use of this beloved feature. Unfortunately, Fallout 4 just missed out on this trend, but luckily one modder is ready to give the feature to players so they can take 500 selfies with Nick Valentine (swoon).

(Photo: Nexus Mods)

The mod for Fallout 4 runs very similarly to that of Fallout 76, including Field of View, Depth of Field, Filters, and Emote options. The only difference is that the interface for the Photo Mode itself is done up in the traditional green Pip-Boy UI. You can even see it in action in the video at the top of the article!

The full mod itself isn't quite ready yet, it's still listed as a WIP and Nexus Mods users need to be logged in before viewing, but from the video it looks exactly what many have been asking for.

As far as another Photo Mode for the Wasteland goes, I couldn't get enough of this feature in online experience seen in Fallout 76. Even in my review I note that I was probably more obsessed with this feature than I probably should have been.

"Call me vain, but I've been having SO MUCH FUN with the photo mode," reads our full review. "I've donned the rockstar pose in pretty much every part of the Wasteland. It's also easy to unlock more options through the Atom Shop (which can be purchased with IRL money, but so far I haven't had to) that takes Atoms that you are awarded for pretty much just breathing."

If the Fallout 4 Photo Mode operates the way it looks in the video, then I have a feeling I'm going to be just as obsessed and have another reason to dive back into another playthrough and find my son all over again. Plus, ALL the pictures of Paladin Danse. Because science.

The check out the Fallout 4 Photo Mod for yourself and to check out its progress, you can mosey on over to Nexus Mods right here! If you dig mods and the Wasteland, you can also check me out over on Twitter for even more Fallout mod recommendations!