'Fallout 76' Has Millions of Active Players, Despite Negative Reviews

When Bethesda first introduced their spin-off Fallout 76 title and its online play, many fans of [...]

When Bethesda first introduced their spin-off Fallout 76 title and its online play, many fans of the traditionally single-player franchise were confused and a little worried. When the game launched, it was met with many negative reviews (though definitely some positive ones as well, including our own) and a very split reaction among players. Despite all of that, Bethesda provided an update for what's next including the reveal that millions are very much enjoying the online adventure in the Wasteland.

In addition to a new outline of upcoming planned fixes for the game, the studio also took a moment to thank the "millions" of players currently exploring those beautiful country roads. "A huge thanks to all of you who have been playing Fallout 76 and embarking on this journey with us," Bethesda mentioned in their latest blog post. "Millions of you are playing the game, and playing it a lot. We love hearing your stories, sharing your photos, and fighting alongside you in the quest to rebuild Appalachia."

It's good to see so many enjoying the title, despite its split reception. The reactions have been so divided that even many reviewers were delayed in getting their thoughts out because this seemed to be completely weird territory for a franchise so well loved. The thing about Fallout 76 is that it's a very strange blend of completely familiar and totally alien. The aesthetic is the same, the quests run very similarly, and the overall feel felt very much like a Fallout title. The heavy leaning on survival and the ability to stumble upon other actual players however cast the game into completely new territory - thought that's not necessarily a bad thing, though not something that will appeal to everyone.

As for the game itself, Fallout 76 is available now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Bethesda is consistently working on making the game even better, though despite its flaws - it's a very enjoyable experience in the Wasteland.

"As of right now, I'm loving the hell out of it. Would I have loved a Fallout 5? Absolutely, but Fallout 76 is charming and it really is a fresh perspective on a franchise that didn't necessarily need it, but it's welcome nonetheless," reads our full review.

"I understand why many might not find it their particular cup of tea, but I've noticed a lot of naysayers haven't given it a chance. The world "online" has become almost scary with all of the talk cheaters, hackers, and griefers. Many see "online" as a series jumping ship, but that's not the case here. I feel like if you're a fan of Fallout, this will surprise you by how much it feels familiar. Play by yourself, play solo, just play it your way knowing it's not a Fallout 5, but something else entirely."

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