This 'Fallout 76' PS4 Dualshock Controller Is Made to Look Like Power Armor

With the first beta for Fallout 76 wrapped up on Xbox One, the Wasteland is once again on [...]


With the first beta for Fallout 76 wrapped up on Xbox One, the Wasteland is once again on everyone's minds before the online game's release next month. To get into the spirit, one custom controller shop decided to give their own Fallout nod with an incredible DualShock 4 controller for the PlayStation:

The shop goes by the name Shed of Dreams and they've got an impressive line-up of customized controllers ranging from Marvel's Spider-Man, to this incredible Dragon one. Though there are a few odd customizations here and there, the main focus seems to be for PlayStation peripherals.

Seeing the detailing in the above controller is amazing. Though simplistic at first glance, the texture of the shell is made up to replicate that of the iconic Power Armor suits known within the franchise. With the Vault Tec simple at the top and the coils framing it, this is definitely a controller worth of the Wasteland.

Speaking of Fallout 76 for PlayStation, both PlayStation 4 and PC users have yet to get in on the beta action for the online title but they will have their chance soon. Though we don't have the exact start times yet for the other platforms, we do know that there will be a testing period set for October 30th.

Everyone will be able to enjoy the country roads of West Virginia soon enough - maybe even with the above controller - when Fallout 76 releases for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC on November 14, 2018.

Want a few helpful tips before diving into the beta and eventually the game? Check out our full survival guide right here for what you need to know before exploring those country roads in West Virginia.