Fallout 76 Players Can Get a Ton of Extra Caps This Weekend

Fallout 76 players who want some extra Caps for spending will have their chance at that very prospect this weekend with the return of a limited-time “Caps-A-Plenty” event. This same event took place not long ago when Bethesda offered it to players for a brief window in January and it’s returned again this month. It’s live now for those who want to make the most of it as soon as possible and will run until March 8th.

For those who didn’t get to take part in the event last time, it consists of exactly what the name suggests: Caps. It was called “Caps-o’-Plenty” last time instead of “Caps-A-Plenty” now, but the minor name change had no effect on the contents of the event. Caps are sometimes in short supply when you’re haggling with vendors and trying to sell off your findings and unwanted items for Caps, but during this event, vendors have more Caps to spare when buying your goods.

“Calling all Wasteland scavengers! If your bags are getting heavy, but your pockets are feeling a little light, then you may want to stop by your local Vendor to top-up your Caps supply during our ‘Caps-A-Plenty’ event,” Bethesda said. “Starting today, you can visit Vendors throughout Appalachia to get up to 2,800 Caps per day by selling them your unwanted gear.”

Vendors will typically carry a maximum of 1,400 Caps per day before their inventories refresh, to put this event into context. Since they’re doubling their stashes of Caps, players can do the same if they’ve got things of value.


This event doesn’t necessarily give out free Caps like players might expect from other Fallout 76 events that dish out rewards just for playing, so you’ll still have to have the goods required to make the sales and earn the extra money. If you’ve got anything that you’ve been holding onto or you’ve been thinking of saving up for a purchase, however, this weekend is the time to make a play on it.

Fallout 76’s Caps-A-Plenty event is live now and will run until March 8th at 12 p.m. ET.