Fallout 76: How to Survive Against a Higher Level Character

Today was a whirlwind of Fallout 76 news thanks to another wonderful year of Quake Con. Game [...]

Today was a whirlwind of Fallout 76 news thanks to another wonderful year of Quake Con. Game Director Todd Howard and crew answered so many of the frequently asked questions from griefing, to how those dastardly nukes work - even that glorious character creation! But even with all of the transparency regarding Bethesda and how they are staying loyal to their single-player lovin' fans, there are still concerns about those super high level characters. Luckily, Howard walked us through a little strategy before the game launches in November.

Combat, should players choose to partake (which there is a choice, you can learn more about that here), will be based essentially on perk cards and gear, not purely based on level. Obviously if you go up to a massive player equipped with a badass power suit and the highest caliber gun in the game wearing nothing but your skivvies and a toothpick you're going to have a bad time. But, with a little preparation and good 'ol fashioned know-how, differences in level status doesn't have to mean instant-death.

Howard mentioned that with even a simple knife it's doable to tank down a much higher level player. They can have the biggest, baddest gun in a game but if you know how to use that tiny knife - they're just as vulnerable as a lower level player. Plus, lower level players that want to take on the added challenge have a huge incentive: rewards. The Director mentioned that for those combat fights between very polarized players will result in the lower level player getting a massive boost in loot should they walk away the victor. The risk is worth the reward, he said.

All of that aside, the word "online" does still concern many - especially for those that just want to enjoy the ride. For those worried about griefing, don't be. Bethesda set up the entire game around protecting against this hostile playstyle and they even went into how they are trolling gamers that want to take to the Wasteland in this particular manner.

We've got tons of Fallout 76 coverage pouring in! To stay up to date on the latest news, check out our full community hub right here to stay in the know 24/7! As for the game itself, the next entry into the Fallout series debuts on November 14th on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.