'Fallout 76': Bethesda's Free Game Giveaway Sparks Major Backlash

The studio behind Fallout 76 recently announced that they were gifting players with the Fallout [...]

The studio behind Fallout 76 recently announced that they were gifting players with the Fallout Classic Collection and while the original games hold a lot of reverence in the gaming community, the gift was met with a less than favorable response.

A big source of tension behind this move was that many felt it was less of a holiday gift and more of an apology for the game's launch. Apparently an apology is not what many players were seeking, and somehow that flittered its way back to the studio as a perceived slap in the face.

Another issue that players pointed out was that previously, the Fallout Classic collection was a pre-order bonus and for Bethesda to open that up to all was seen as cheapening the reason behind pre-ordering the online game at all.

Others were quick to also point out that many console-only players were enjoying Fallout 76, making the PC-exclusive titles pretty much irrelevant to what they can enjoy. Despite the title being available on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Collection is really only good for those that have a PC platform to play it on. Luckily, these titles are old and don't require much - even a potato-level system could run it.

The reception wasn't all bad. Many who are newer to the franchise expressed their excitement for getting a chance to check out the series' roots in between building their settlements and surviving the online wasteland:

It seems right now that the community is very divided on their thoughts concerning Fallout 76. There are many that absolutely love the title and its small server size that allows for co-op without a huge risk of online griefing. Then, there are others that feel the game was sloppily thrown together and glitchy beyond repair.

Bethesda has been very upfront since even before launch about the state of the game and since it's arrived, has already undergone several major changes to suit what players were looking for. Still, the tension regarding the studio and its player base is incredibly high right now - almost to EA levels. Bethesda did mention that they had big plans ahead for the new year, it will be interesting to see where they go from here.

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