Fallout 76 Shares Updated Roadmap for Steel Dawn Content, Double XP Events

Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update is fast approaching now that the content finally has a confirmed release date. To help prepare players for the time between now and the December release of Steel Dawn as well as what’s coming afterwards, Bethesda shared an updated roadmap for this month and the next to give timeframes for what’ll happen and when. We’ll see some more Steel Dawn content featuring the Brotherhood of Steel next week, and after that, another event will lead us right up to the release of Steel Dawn.

You can check out the new community calendar below to see what’s coming over the next month and a half. The top gives you an overview of the Steel Dawn content to bring you up to speed if you haven’t been following along with the updates while the other parts of the roadmap outline the plans for the rest of November and the month of December.

Fallout 76 Steel Dawn Roadmap
(Photo: Bethesda)

Some of those most important dates from the calendar will take place as soon as next week. On November 19th, we’ll see the release of several new Brotherhood of Steel lore videos. The Brotherhood of Steel is by far the most iconic and recognizable faction within the Fallout games and needs little introduction to those who are familiar, but if you need a refresher on their ethics, motes, and how they’ll fit into Fallout 76, that sounds like the place to look.

After that, the next big date to look forward to is of course December 1st when the Steel Dawn update itself will release. Two days afterwards, we’ll get another one of these roadmaps to show what’s planned for Season 3, the next season of the game that’s set to begin on December 15th. Between these major events, we’ll see things like a Double XP weekend, the Holiday Scorched event, and the Hunt for the Treasure Hunter event taking place across different days.


Fallout 76’s Steel Dawn update is scheduled to release on December 1st, so expect to see much more about the content from Bethesda between now and then.