Fallout 76's Treasure Event Gives Players Extra Loot This Weekend

Fallout 76 players with some light pockets have a chance to earn some extra loot this weekend if [...]

Fallout 76 players with some light pockets have a chance to earn some extra loot this weekend if they haven't already been filling their Stashes during the game's latest loot-filled event. It's known as the Treasure Hunter event that features the game's Mole Miner creatures, and it's live throughout the weekend until March 29th when it'll conclude until the next event starts to give players even more loot.

The Mole Miner event isn't a new one by any means, but it's always a welcome addition to Fallout 76 whenever it returns. Bethesda welcomed it back to Fallout 76 this week and reminded players on how they can make sure they get the most loot they can before the event ends.

All players have to do to take advantage of the weekend loot is hunt down the Mole Miners which have emerged from the ground for a limited time. If you're a pacifist of you've just got some extra resources laying around, you can also skip the hunt and just craft some Mole Miner Pails to then crack those open for the shot at some rare loot.

"Mole miners a cross Appalachia have found riches buried deep within its grounds!" Bethesda said about the return of the event. "Hunt them down and claim that loot for yourself. This weekend, listen for their radio signals around the map to find Legendary Treasure Hunters and claim their items, including their Mole Miner Pails. Or, you can skip the hunt and craft the pails yourself at a tinkerer's workbench. Each Mole Miner Pail has a chance to grant a unique plan!"

Fallout 76 has amassed a couple of different loot-focused events by now that serve different functions. Another of those is the Scrip Surplus event which gives players the chance to earn bonus Legendary Scrip to then acquire more Legendary items. There's also the Caps-A-Plenty event which, as the name suggests, allows players to earn bonus Caps by selling unwanted items during the event.

The Treasure Hunting event featuring the Mole Miners is live now for all Fallout 76 players.