New 'Fallout 76' Update Will Rebalance Heavy, Energy Weapons

Fallout 76’s next update is scheduled to release in a week, and with it will come balance [...]

Fallout 76's next update is scheduled to release in a week, and with it will come balance changes for both heavy weapons and energy weapons.

Bethesda previewed its plans for Patch 7 in its latest Inside the Vault post where it outlined those balance adjustments, a special event, and more. The goal of the changes, according to Bethesda is to make both types of weapons more durable while also buffing them to allow players to tear through enemies quicker.

"In Patch 7, we're making some adjustments to greatly increase the durability of many energy and heavy weapons and increasing their damage so you can take down enemies more easily, spend less time repairing, and more time looting," Bethesda said.

Beginning with the energy weapons, Bethesda said it plans on making both the heavy and semi-auto weapons more durable so that they don't need repairs as quickly when firing off energy rounds. Some weapons are also getting a damage boost as outlined in the notes below:

Energy Weapons

  • For heavy and semi-auto energy weapons, we've greatly reduced the amount of condition damage they take per shot. Your heavy energy weapons should now last four to five times longer, and semi-auto energy weapons should last twice as long before needing repairs.
  • We've also given semi-auto energy weapons an additional damage boost of +10% so they have a little more bite.

Heavy weapons are getting a similar damage buff, though heavy weapons with high fire rates will sacrifice some of that rate of fire to get the damage increase. Other heavy weapons will get a straight-up buff, and automatic heavy weapons will withstand more of a beating before requiring repairs.

Heavy Weapons

  • We've reduced the fire-rate for high rate-of-fire automatic heavy weapons across the board and increased their damage by +10%. Adjusting these weapons' fire-rates gave us more room for a damage increase, which will help them punch through armor more effectively without increasing their baseline damage per second too high.
  • Weapon damage for all other automatic heavy weapons has been increased by 10% to 20%.
  • Like energy weapons above, we've significantly reduced the condition damage that automatic ballistic heavy weapons take per shot, and they should now last about four times longer before they need to visit a weapons workbench.

Full patch notes for everything that's included in the update will be released on the day the patch is released, Bethesda said.


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