Next Fallout 76 Update Makes Looting Much Easier

The next Fallout 76 update has now landed on the test servers for players to preview before its December release, and for those who've constantly got their eyes glued to the ground in search of loot, this one's a big one. It brings with it several community-requested features that'll make it much easier to pick up loot after your hard-fought battles, but beyond those loot changes alone, it's got XP improvements, a new event, and more to try out.

While the focus of the Night of the Moth Update is on the seasonal Mothman event coming soon, it's the loot changes that have really taken the spotlight. Three core changes are coming: Corpse Highlights, Nearby Corpse Looting, and Legendary Loot Sharing.

The first of those does exactly what the feature name suggests and highlights corpses of enemies around the players. This means that you won't have to search through greenish-brown grass for the greenish-brown creature you just killed any longer. The second allows players to quickly loot nearby corpses and is essentially AOE looting while the last makes it so that players don't have to wait on others to contribute towards a Legendary fight before everyone can claim their loot.

Each of those three changes are detailed below straight from Bethesda's latest Inside the Vault post:


Fallout 76 Loot Changes in Next Update

  • Corpse Highlights – You've just dropped a Legendary Feral Ghoul—but wait, where is its body? Was it over there? No, perhaps it's over here… We've all been there before, hunting through tall grass trying to find a foe's final resting place so we can get our loot and head back to C.A.M.P. In this update, we're adding highlights that will help you more easily spot nearby creature corpses, so that you can spend more time adventuring and less time searching for your hard-earned loot. In addition, normal and legendary creatures have different highlight colors so that you can tell them apart more easily.
  • Nearby Corpse Looting – Unlike many of the creatures who cross your path in the Wasteland, you're a born survivor! Whenever corpses start to pile up, you'll no longer need to pick through each and every one to grab your loot. When viewing a fallen enemy's inventory, you can now see and collect all the goodies that the creatures around you have dropped by hitting the "Nearby Corpses" button. Happy looting!
  • Legendary Loot Sharing – Going forward, if you're within sight range of a legendary creature when it's killed, you'll be able to loot it. With this improvement, the days of trying to hit legendary enemies before they die, as well as waiting for other players to get their hits in before you land the killing blow, are over.

You can check out the full details of everything that's changing beyond the loot features within the Inside the Vault post.