Fallout 76 Will Have Areas Exempt From PvP

Bethesda is doing things a bit differently this time around in the Wasteland with Fallout 76 and many can't wait to jump into survival mode with friends. That being said, online play is a first for the franchise and has many worried that the pains of PvP and lack of set narrative will dull the overall experience. Luckily, we've been learning so much through the past few months about the upcoming title and now Bethesda is explaining a bit more about the different areas in the game - and which ones are safe from PvP.

PvP, or Player vs Player, is an additional layer of challenge available in-game. This allows those that wish to take on real-time players the chance to do just that, though there are failsafes to keep those that wish to just enjoy the story the ability to do so. In the latest issue of Game Informer, we learned a bit more about the side quests and other events that have this online mode turned off.

We already knew that Fallout 76 would house many side quests and World Events but what we didn't know is that certain ones are completely safe from unwanted PvP - or even PvP at all.

One such event shared was where a group of players (or solo) are expected to escort a group of robots to various on-map locations. During the different locations tour, the PvP aspect of the game will be temporarily turned off.

This is also good news for those looking forward to the World Events - which we still haven't learned much about - as a way to earn sweet, sweet (and exclusive) loot!
Since the map is four times the size of Fallout 4 and divided into six regions of varying difficulty, the idea that some areas will have their own potential experience for players to enjoy away from the standard PvP is one that will put many worried at ease.


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