'Fallout: Cascadia' Team Shows Off Even More Stunning Locations

One of the many amazing total conversion projects out there for Bethesda's Fallout franchise is none other than Cascadia, the mod that brings the Wasteland to Seattle, Washington.

We've talked about this ambitious fan project in the past but we haven't seen a whole lot about the different areas players will be able to explore outside of a few teasers. In a recent update on their Facebook page, the team of dedicated modders showed off a first look at an overhauled Mercer Island:

The same team has also mentioned in the past that as progress continues to be made on this ambitious new venture, they are looking to expand their team a bit. According to their most recent status, "We are looking for anyone who can use and is efficient in Adobe Animator/Flash animation to animate and are capable of creating UI icons for traits, perks and whatnot. You need to be confident in being able to replicate and maintain the artstyle of the icons for perks/traits in previous Fallout games!"

To become a part of bringing the Wasteland to Seattle, you can email the team at FalloutCascadia@Gmail.com to shoot them over your credentials.

The latest fan-created project promises a more immersive experience than ever before. According to the Fallout: Cascadia's official website, it "is planning to deliver nearly eighty square kilometers of land centered around Seattle proper. It will contain several large settlements such as the capital of the Republic of Cascadia, Cascade. Cascadia takes places hundreds of years after the previous Fallout games, in the year 2329. To capture this time period we are making use of texture artists and asset creators to show the slow progress of the wasteland to a post-post-apocalyptic society. But make no mistake, conflict and turmoil still grips this wasteland."

The team aims to take the old system and breathe new life into it, "We are taking great pains here at the team to ensure that the shortcomings of Fallout 4 are addressed with Fallout Cascadia," writes the creative team as they look to improve upon the dialogue system and the lack of S.P.E.C.I.A.L checks within the latest entry into the franchise. According to the team themselves, they carefully picked apart the criticisms Fallout 4 received, and used that to full the corrections they implemented within Cascadia itself.

This is a project worth paying attention to, an entirely new take on a title that had so much potential. To check out more about what the latest venture brings, as well as how to support the team themselves, check out their official website right here!


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