Fallout: New California Dev Shares "One Big Checkmark" Milestone Update

With Fallout: New California, New York, Miami, and the incredible Fallout 4: New Vegas projects on [...]

With Fallout: New California, New York, Miami, and the incredible Fallout 4: New Vegas projects on the horizon, it's not hard to see why there is so much interest in seeing these ambitious mods make it to completion. These ambitious fan projects continue to make headway to completion and into the hands of gamers.

With Fallout: New California, it's ready to rock and will be rolling out this October! But just because we have a release date doesn't mean the work is over, far from it! Luckily, the creative team has clued fans in on the progress every step of the way. Such is the case with their latest update, this time having to do with some very impressive voice over work.

After sharing the news that "that's one big checkmark off the list," the Fallout: New California creator broke down exactly what he's been working on this past month. He began his latest dev entry by saying, "Got one last video for players who "Killed Everything," and ended the campaign with no allies whatsoever. Tonight I'm filling in the new lines for Yetti Hail, then tomorrow we have Chevy, Vargas, Eliza, and Annai's final takes of stuff that had to change, be picked up, or be replaced."

He also added that he has one more large character that he's waiting on files for from the voice actors. In addition there were a few "collision geometry" issues that needed to be addressed in the Artium to make sure that players won't find themselves suddenly stuck inside of a wall!

"Rick is patching in the new side quests across the map for the little things we peppered in. Already got a few of them, just need the other 5 that are still up in the air," he continued. "I need a Female Desert Ranger outfit, gotta fix the male Vault Suit, and I need a crate of supplies dropped from space for the Enclave player."

It's a slow and steady race but one with a major pay off!

To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here.

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