'Fallout: New California' Team Debuts Original Soundtrack

With Fallout: New California, New York, Miami, and the incredible Fallout 4: New Vegas projects [...]

With Fallout: New California, New York, Miami, and the incredible Fallout 4: New Vegas projects all sharing incredible updates it's not hard to see why there is so much interest in seeing these ambitious mods and watching the creative teams flourish. These ambitious fan projects continue to make headway to completion and into the hands of gamers.

With Fallout: New California, it's ready to rock and will be rolling out this October! But just because we have a release date doesn't mean the work is over, far from it! Luckily, the creative team has clued fans in on the progress every step of the way. Such is the case with their latest update, which is a new video showing off their totally original soundtrack!

"How many mods have not just an original Ambient OST, but not one, but two 15 track albums of original lyrical music for the in-game radio," asks the mod's creator. He's got the right to boast, the small preview looks nothing short of impressive.

"We've got Martin Purvis -- Angelic pipes, the man is a treasure. All original tunes made just for us that sound like they were ripped out of a time vortex coming out of 1953 and covers as good as the classics."

  • We've got Pablo Cortina -- Brilliant melodies, excellent rhythm, glorious sound. That Brazil! cover? Old Man Mose? Flawless. Seriously, you can listen to Martin and Pablo's album all week.
  • We've got Erich von Hildburghausen -- Dark industrial ambient tracks that are so close to Fallout 1 and 2 you get flashbacks.
  • Christana Udracon -- Outstanding terrifying ambient rock for tense and epic moments.
  • Shik Shadle -- Garage Punk that makes our Raiders sound like legitimate madmen. Fallout vibes through and through.
  • The Addiction -- One part 50s Link Wray, one part 80s Punk Band, really fits in nice with our Raider faction radio.

In their latest blog post on Facebook, they gave a breakdown of the music players will have to look forward to. They even jokingly teased a YouTube album. You can check out even more about this project's totally original soundtrack right here!

To learn more about the project that has been years in the making, check out their previous updates over on their site right here.

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