Fallout Stunt Performer Talks Power Armor and Shares Hopes For Future Seasons

Adam Shippey wants to play a deathclaw in season two of Fallout.

Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video, and the show is already a hit with fans of the game series. ComicBook.com's Tanner Dedmon gave the new show a 4.5 out of 5, saying it has "raised the bar for what a video game adaptation can look like." ComicBook.com recently talked with the show's executive producers, and they revealed the most important thing when adapting the game was the tone. Of course, they also did a great job of capturing the world of Fallout, and the show's cast is eager for more. We also spoke with stunt performer, Adam Shippey, who spends much of the show in the power armor. He even showed up to the premiere in the iconic suit. It was a particularly hot day in Los Angeles, so we asked how that compared to being in the suit on set. 

"I'm conditioned to it at this point," Shippey said of wearing the suit in uncomfortable weather. "It's like putting on an old comfortable pair of pants that are really, really heavy." he joked. "I mean, actually this is quite nice. We were filming in New York in August, upstate swelter, humid. We were filming in Namibia, in Salt Flats in Utah, dry air conditions, your lips are drying out."

 We also asked Shippey how he channels the different characters he's portraying when in the suit.

"Well, the interesting thing is it's not just about who the character is, it's about who the character is when they're in the armor," Shippey explained. "Because putting that armor on changes, I think how you see yourself, how you interact with the world. I can speak from experience from wearing it, that it does that to me. So I'm like, 'Okay, how would this character feel in this armor?' And so it goes even beyond that type of work." 

"But all of these characters have incredible actors attached that were very generous with advice whenever I was in the suit that would kind of weigh in on those moments that were really important," he added. "So a lot of it was just listening to people who were really smart and talented."

Finally, we asked Shippey if there are any other game characters or creatures he'd like to play in potential future seasons of Fallout

"A deathclaw," he suggested, referring to the game's genetically-engineered creatures. "I like the villainous creatures, like the antagonists ... Having a little bit more agility, I think that'd be really fun. I don't know how we pull that off practically, but [Jonathan Nolan] would figure it out."

Fallout is now streaming on Prime Video.