Fallout Boss Says Fans Will Be "Blown Away" by Amazon TV Series

Longtime Fallout director Todd Howard believes that Amazon Prime Video's upcoming TV series based on the video game franchise will be a big hit with fans. Broadly speaking, Amazon still hasn't revealed much about Fallout, but we do know that the show is now in the process of filming. And while a release window isn't currently known, Howard thinks that whenever the series lands on Prime Video, it's going to be adored. 

Speaking to Lex Fridman, Howard recently opened up about Fallout and what he's seen of the show so far. Without giving away anything specific about the series and what it will entail, he expressed that the TV adaptation nails the look and tone of the Fallout video games. He also stated that seeing the show in action shocked him due to its high quality. 

"They're doing such an incredible job. I think if you like this world, you are going to be just blown away," Howard said based on what he's seen of Fallout. "Keep in mind I've never made a TV show. No one ever does it wanting it to not be great. But their attention to detail; they're obsessive with what's on the screen. [...] I was stunned. I don't want to spoil it, but when people see it, they're just going to be like, 'Wow.'"

Howard went on to say that the other thing he loves about the approach to this TV adaptation of Fallout is that it's not looking to borrow a story from a single game. Instead, the series will tell its own wholly unique tale which just happens to reside in the same universe. Howard also described the series as much more character-driven when compared to the games and said that those who might not be familiar with the franchise should still find a lot to love. 

As mentioned, Amazon hasn't committed to a release window of any sort for Fallout, but the fact that filming has been ongoing for quite a bit bodes well for a 2023 release. Whether or not this will come to fruition remains to be seen, but hopefully, a trailer or more information for the show will arrive before long. 

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