A Fan Has Made An Attack On Titan Game And You Can Play It Now

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We already know that there are official Attack On Titan games made by Koei Tecmo, and they’re actually not that bad, pacing out their action about on the same level as the anime they’re based upon. But that isn’t stopping a particular fan from trying to put together his own take on the series.

A while back, a user by the name of Guedin began work on his own free Attack On Titan game, one with a similar 3D action set-up to Koei Tecmo’s games, but with slightly different artistic touches. But now, it appears that you can actually try the game out for yourself, and see how it compares to the more official titles.

Released as an “alpha” version of the game, the Attack On Titan Fan Game (as it’s being called) offers a free multiplayer set-up, in which players can work together to bring down Titans within the small cities. In this particular demo, players will be able to take them down within the Shiganshina District.

There will be a “Save Humanity” game mode in the “final” game, once it’s done, and the combat mechanics introduced in the demo will give a good taste of how those will work.

The file can be downloaded here, and you can also check out the video below if you want to see a glimpse of the fan project in action.

The game does look very good for a fan project, and the animations and town design are both excellent. However, there is some concern that this game may never see the light of day – and that’ll likely be because of Koei Tecmo.

While the game was made as a fan project – and not one necessarily based on profit – the fact of the matter is, Koei Tecmo has the rights to Attack On Titan, and it probably wouldn’t take too much effort to initiate a takedown. So you’re probably better off downloading the demo now, because we’re not too sure how much longer it’ll be available.


It’s free, so it never hurts to try it out and see what Guedin had in mind. But as far as its future goes, we’re not quite certain where it will end up.

If it’s official action you’re after, the original Attack On Titan is available now, and Attack On Titan 2 releases early next year for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.