Far Cry 5 Gets Major New 60 FPS Update for Fifth Anniversary

Far Cry 5 has gotten a pretty big update, five years after its initial release. Ubisoft used to be a pretty varied studio many moons ago, but it has largely stuck to a formula of a certain kind of game in the last decade or so. While it still does release the occasional odd-ball project that one might not expect from a major publisher, they're few and far between because the big money makers stick to the formula popularized by Far Cry. Players explore a vast open world, dismantle an enemy operation filled with outposts all over the place, blow stuff up, and enjoy a story that checks a bunch of narrative boxes. However, it works and we all still keep eating it up, so there's no reason to complain.

Far Cry 5 is one of those aforementioned titles and it has gotten a pretty significant upgrade for its fifth birthday. Ubisoft has confirmed that players can now play the shooter at 60FPS on current-gen consoles, which is double the frame rate of the original version. It was also noted that Xbox Series X players will be able to run the game at a native 4K and 60 FPS, while Xbox Series S will run it in 1080p, and the PS5 will be in 1620p. For those who want to give it a test run or play the game with a friend, Ubisoft is letting people try Far Cry 5 for free from March 23 – 27 and pick up the game for up to 85% off until April 4th. It's a pretty good deal and a great reason to revisit one of the most fun Far Cry games out there.

It is a bit surprising to see Ubisoft return to this game. Although it got a good reception, it's hardly one of the most in demand Ubisoft games for any kind of additional support. Either way, it's great to see games getting tweaked to take advantage of newer hardware.

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