First Far Cry 6 Details Reportedly Revealed

A new Far Cry 6 rumor has surfaced online, possibly shedding new light on the alleged PS5, PS4, [...]

A new Far Cry 6 rumor has surfaced online, possibly shedding new light on the alleged PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC game. As you may remember, earlier this month, a new report about Far Cry 6 was revealed with some salient details about the unconfirmed Ubisoft title. Included in this was word that the game will be revealed on July 12, release before April 2021, and that it won't be set in the United States, unlike Far Cry 5, which did so to much controversy, but also record-breaking sales. Not only did this report come from a reliable source, but it echoes what others have said about the game in the past as well.

That said, adding to this, more details about the game have been revealed, though the source in question isn't quite as reputable. The details come way of prominent Reset Era user Okabe, who is trusted by some as a reliable industry insider and who has been correct in the past. That said, take everything below with a grain of salt.

According to the new rumor, Far Cry 6 is returning to a tropical setting, or more specifically, a tropical-ish setting. Accompanying this will be a "Narcos" vibe, plus the following: co-op, jetpacks, horseback riding, shooting while on horseback, and helping zoos.

Now, I know what you're thinking: this sounds all over the place, but that's been the way the series has been trending for a while. That said, the most interesting detail here is word of a "Narcos" vibe and style of the game, which may suggest a Caribbean or South American setting, as well as a date set in the previous century.

Again, take all of these details, and the speculation derived from them, with a grain of salt. However, we should be seeing and hear more about the game next month at Ubisoft's July showcase.

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