Far Cry 6 Release Date, Setting, and Reveal Teased in New Rumor

Ubisoft is reportedly going to reveal Far Cry 6 very soon. More specifically, a new report claims [...]

Ubisoft is reportedly going to reveal Far Cry 6 very soon. More specifically, a new report claims the game will be officially unveiled during Ubisoft Forward, which is currently scheduled to go down on July 12. Meanwhile, the report also alleges the game is set to launch before April 2021, or in other words, this fiscal year. Ubisoft has currently revealed every game releasing this fiscal year for it, except one. In the past, rumors and reports have suggested this last game is a new Far Cry. And now this latest report is alleging the same.

Beyond divulging reveal and releasing timing for the game, the new report, which comes way of Gamereactor, reveals that the game won't be set in North America like Far Cry 5 controversially was. The report doesn't provide an exact location, but mentions fans should find the setting "interesting."

Typically, mainline Far Cry games are set in isolated or developing countries, which is why the setting of Far Cry 5 stood out so much. Far Cry 5's setting also caused a lot of controversy, which in turn led to an uptick in sales. Not only is Far Cry 5 the best selling entry in the series, but it's the best-selling Ubisoft game of this generation, which is impressive, because it wasn't very good, at least not compared to some of the entries that came before, chiefly Far Cry 3.

In other words, many suspected Far Cry 6 would return to North America, but apparently that's not happening. However, that doesn't mean it won't have another controversial setting.

All of that said, everything here should be taken with a grain of salt. Not only is nothing here official, but everything here is subject to change.

Personally, I've heard bits and pieces about this new Far Cry game, including that it's set to release this fiscal year, however, it may be delayed due to COVID-19 delays or due to the fact that Ubisoft already has a killer lineup.

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