Far Cry 6: How to Unlock the Game's Secret Ending

In more recent Far Cry games, Ubisoft has given players the opportunity to get a secret ending early on by making the right (or technically the wrong) choices early on. Far Cry 6 doesn't release until tomorrow, but it seems that fans have already discovered how to unlock the game's secret ending. Naturally, the ending isn't a happy one, but it's interesting to see an alternative option to the game's "real" conclusion. Essentially, the video shows what will happen if main character Dani Rojas does not get involved with the group Libertad.

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD! To get the alternate ending, players must get to the point in the game immediately after the death of Julio at the hands of Anton Castillo. At this point, Clara will give Dani the boat she promised her. The player is supposed to speak to Juan, but if they instead get in the boat and drive in the opposite direction, Dani will declare that "it's not my fight." The screen then fades to black, picking up three months later, with Dani sitting on a Miami beach. As Dani listens to the radio, a special report recounts what sounds a lot like the events in Jurassic Park. The radio host then pivots to a story about the conflict in Yara, announcing the death of Clara at the hands of Castillo. If Dani feels any remorse, it's impossible to tell, and the credits begin to roll.

A video of the ending was shared online by Okami Games and can be found embedded below.

All in all, it's an interesting ending, and well worth a watch for those planning on playing the game anyway. It shows exactly how central Dani is to turning the tide in the conflict, and what would happen without her involvement. It certainly does a nice job of showing the stakes in the conflict!

Far Cry 6 will release October 7th on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game right here.

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