Far Cry: Beyond First Look Released

Funforge and Ubisoft have revealed a first look at the upcoming Far Cry board game. Last week, the YouTube channel Quackalope released a first look at Far Cry: Beyond, the upcoming board game inspired by the Far Cry franchise. The new game is an co-op "open world" style board game built around a branching storyline featuring individual missions and scenarios set in the 1980s. Far Cry: Beyond will use legacy-style aspects in which additional weapons, characters, and components hidden away in boxes are unlocked throughout the game, providing more options (or more challenges) for players. You can check out Quackalope's first look video below: 

As is expected of a Far Cry game, most of the preview for Far Cry: Beyond focuses on combat. Each player will control one or more characters, while enemies are controlled by an AI system. Players have a pool of movement points that they can use to complete a variety of actions in "simultaneous movement" where all the actions take place at the same time. Each character has their own unique abilities and weapons, allowing for a variety of different playstyles. 

The Far Cry franchise is a popular series of first person shooters that combine open world environments with survival elements. Despite releasing six games, the Far Cry franchise doesn't have a shared setting or characters – instead, there are few similar themes such as the player prevailing against some kind of tyrant in a mostly wilderness-themed setting. The most recent Far Cry game, Far Cry 6, came out in October of last year to mixed reviews. A seventh game has not been announced, but the franchise is expected to keep growing.


The Kickstarter for Far Cry Beyond will launch on April 11, 2022. Fans can sign up to be notified when the Kickstarter launches here.