'FIFA 19' Ultimate Team Missing Major Features on Nintendo Switch

Last year when FIFA 18 launched on Nintendo Switch, it was notably missing some features, [...]

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Last year when FIFA 18 launched on Nintendo Switch, it was notably missing some features, particularly in regard to Ultimate Team. And while some Nintendo fans were hoping EA wouldn't repeat this with FIFA 19, it did.

NintendoLife reports that not only are some of Ultimate Team's new features not in the Switch version, but features from FIFA 18 that skipped Switch, once again skipped the Nintendo platform.

The new Division Rivals mode, which was added just this year, and which you're put in a division with players of roughly the same skill to compete over the course of a week to earn rank and prizes, is nowhere to be found.

But okay, this one is perhaps excusable. After all, the Nintendo Switch isn't on par with the PS4 and Xbox One, so it being gutted in certain places is to be expected. After all, last-gen versions are simply just roster updates.

But what is perhaps less excusable is that the weekly FUT champions event and Squad Battles, which were added with FIFA 18, are also nowhere to be found. Additionally, daily and weekly challenges that dish out rewards for completing certain requirements, also haven't been added.

As NintendoLife points out, the only new addition from FIFA 18 to FIFA 19 for Nintendo Switch owners in the UT realm is Friendly Seasons, which allows you to play a five-match series against anyone from your friends list. But beyond this, there haven't been any meaningful changes.

In addition to providing less bang for your buck, the lack of features also means that interacting with UT and building a squad on Nintendo Switch is more of a grind on the Nintendo platform than others.

At the moment, EA hasn't provided a reason for why the Nintendo Switch version of the game continues to be stripped of so many FUT features, but last year, while speaking to Eurogamer, it said it didn't want to overload players new to UT with too much.

FIFA 19 is available for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC. From the sounds of it, if you can, perhaps it's best to pick it up on PS4, Xbox One or PC, rather than Switch, unless of course, you don't play UT, then you're fine.