FIFA 19 Ultimate Team Adds New Mode Called "Division Rivals"

(Photo: EA)

FIFA's most popular feature, Ultimate Team, is getting a brand-new mode and some smaller changes for FIFA 19.

The new mode, dubbed Division Rivals, replaces FUT's online season mode, and is chiefly for your average FUT player, or in other words, the players below the FUT Champions mode, but above the Squad Battles mode.

How it works is that players will play multiple placement matches, which will then be used to determine said player's skill rating. From here, the player will be placed into one of 10 different divisions of varying skill level, with the goal of increasing their skill rating and earning promotion to a better division through playing. Think, Rocket League's progression system.

More specifically, players will compete in weekly competitions against players in the same system for both prizes and the aforementioned ranking points. In other words, your weekly score determines your rank, which determines your rewards. There are five ranks to climb between each division.

There's also a thing called Champions Points, which are used to qualify for the Weekend League, and serve as the replacement of the daily knockout tourney games as means of qualifying. This was apparently a change made in the response of some fans that said qualifying for the Weekend League was too grindy.

Champion Points can also be saved from week-to-week, so if you don't want to play in the Weekend League one time, you can save your points for another time. This means you won't have to worry about grinding out games week-in week-out.

Changes to FUT have also been made via the Hub, which now has increased accessibility to allow you to watch some of the best players with button inputs displayed so you can see exactly what they're doing at specific times. Further, pack openings have new cutscenes, and now include Champions League and Europa League cards thanks to EA obtaining the rights from UEFA this year.

A new player-pick pack has also been added, allowing you to pick a player from a handful of players that you want more than the others. Said player then has a better chance of appearing in said pack. This addition comes alongside pack odds being revealed for the very first time.


FIFA 19 is poised to release on September 19th via the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch. For more on the game, click here.

Source: Eurogamer