FIFA 21 Coming to EA Play, Xbox Game Pass

Electronic Arts routinely adds different games to its EA Play subscription's catalog with many of the games being the sports titles that the publisher is well known for. The FIFA series is by far one of the most recognizable ones in EA's portfolio, and starting on May 6th, EA Play will get one of its biggest games of the year whenever FIFA 21 is added. Since the game is coming to EA Play, that means it'll also be available to certain Xbox Game Pass subscribers, too.

The FIFA 21 announcement came this week when EA gave a rundown of what to expect from its EA Play perks and additions in the near future. FIFA 21 will come to EA Play next week, and since the subscription service is available on nearly every platform subscribers could hope for, it'll be playable by plenty of subscribers come May 6th.

"With fresh ways to team up with friends and win as one both on the street and in the stadium, FIFA 21 lets you enjoy even bigger victories together," EA said. "And - starting May 6th - EA Play members on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC will get more FIFA 21 when the game comes to The Play List, a collection of top titles!"

If you're on Xbox platforms or on the PC and you have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or Xbox Game Pass for PC subscription, you won't technically have to have EA Play at all to play this game for free. That's thanks to the deal between Microsoft and EA that grants EA Play to those subscribers as a perk at no extra cost. Those who subscribe to the base level of EA Play on the consoles do not benefit from this deal, however, so you'll have to play FIFA 21 either by owning it or subscribing to EA Play yourself.

EA Play and Xbox Game Pass got Madden NFL 21 earlier in the year with both games arriving in the subscriptions approximately seven months after their release dates. Thanks to the annual release nature of the series, we can expect another FIFA and Madden game this year.