FIFA 22's Second Update Makes 15 Gameplay Changes and Improvements

A new FIFA 22 update is live on PC and Google Stadia. Right now, there's no word when it will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X, but it should be sometime this week. Whatever the case, what we do have are the patch notes for the update, which reveal that EA has made 15 gameplay changes and improvements to the game with its second-ever title, alongside changes and improvements to Career Mode, Ultimate Team, and the game's other modes. And of course, there are also visual and audio fixes, bug fixes, and all of the other types of fixes that are standard with FIFA updates.

While we have the patch notes for the update, what we don't have are the file sizes for the update. That said, judging by the patch notes below, the update may be on the meatier side.

Below, you can check out the "gameplay" section of FIFA 22. Meanwhile, click HERE for the update's complete patch notes.


  • Reduced the effectiveness of AI controlled players blocking Lobbed Passes and crosses. Specifically, AI controlled players were previously able to stretch too far when attempting to block Lobbed Passes and crosses.
  • CPU AI teams are now more likely to commit fouls during matches played on Semi-Pro difficulty and above. This change does not apply to matches played with Competitor Mode set to on.
  • [PC only] Addressed some instances of visual stuttering occurring after performing Skill Moves during matches.
  • When requesting a Finesse Shot, the ball carrier could sometimes go out of their way to take it with their dominant foot.
  • The Outside Foot Shot Trait did not function correctly.
  • When two players make contact with the ball at the same time, the ball could sometimes fly unintentionally high into the air.
  • When attempting to Shield the ball when taking a touch, the ball carrier could sometimes move erratically.
  • In a rare situation, a player could disappear from the pitch during a match.
  • On rare occasions, the referee could incorrectly call for a free kick inside of the penalty box instead of a penalty kick.
  • The Automatic Player Switching setting did not always function correctly.
  • In Pro Clubs and Player Career matches, the Set Piece Specialist perk did not function during Free Kicks and Penalty Kicks.
  • Goalkeepers could have unintentionally performed a goal kick across the entire pitch.
  • When making a tackle inside of the penalty box, the ball could sometimes unintentionally travel towards the defender's goal.
  • When calling a player short on a corner, the called player could sometimes perform unnecessary player humanization gestures.
  • When attempting to turn while Sprinting, the ball carrier could sometimes miss a touch on the ball.

FIFA 22 is available via the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. For more coverage on the game, click here.