Final Fantasy 16 Release Date Hinted at by Industry Insider

One of the bigger reveals from Sony's last PlayStation Showcase was the debut of Square Enix's next entry in their famed Final Fantasy franchise, Final Fantasy XVI. The first trailer showed off the new cast of characters and some of the gameplay, but one thing it did not reveal was the release date for the PS5 exclusive (though it will come to PC later on). Industry insider Jason Schreier shed some light on the game though regarding how long its been in development and when it could release, and it turns out I was pretty on point with my guess after all.

Twitter user @DKHF_ shared Schreier's recent notes about the game from his podcast, saying "Jason Schreier says FF16 has been development for 4 years and is coming out sooner than expected on his new podcast"

He then added another tweet saying "He guessed earlier on twitter it would come out in 2022 so I'm guessing early 2022".

Just going on what was said about the game from the initial announcement, I had estimated 2022 as the release date, though I thought later in the year. If it does indeed come out earlier in 2022 that would be a nice way to kick off the year, as that would be around a year and a half into the PS5's lifespan, and would provide a nice exclusive jolt.

2022 also makes sense since Square Enix said it would be 2021 before we got more extensive information on the game, so hopefully we won't have to wait until 2023 and beyond to check out what XVI has in store.


Recent Final Fantasy entries have had lengthy development cycles, and if 2022 holds that would mean XVI will have been in development for around 6 years by then. Hopefully, there aren't any significant delays, because the early footage looked fantastic.

As with most Final Fantasy games, this seems to be a completely new world, and we can't wait to see more of it. You can check out everything you need to know about the game right here, and for all things Final Fantasy you can find me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!