Final Fantasy 16 Reveals New Character Details

Square Enix kicked off this Thursday morning with a slew of new details on Final Fantasy XVI, the newest entry in the long-running franchise that made its debut during Sony's PlayStation 5 event recently. Now, if this were a new synopsis or some box art that would be noteworthy in itself, but we actually have a variety of new details regarding the characters you'll be playing and meeting through the game and some stylish new art of the characters themselves thanks to the game's new official website. The website revealed up-close looks at Clive Rosfield, Joshua Rosfield, and Jill Warrick and full character descriptions for each, and you can check them all out below.

We're going to start with Clive, who is the game's main protagonist and the firstborn of the Archduke of Rosaria. He becomes the first Shield of Rosaria, tasked with guarding his brother Joshua, and is on a path to eventually meet his end at the hands of Ifrit. You can check out the artwork and his full description below.

Clive Rosfield

(Photo: Square Enix)

The firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. Though all expected him to inherit the Phoenix's flames and awaken as its Dominant, destiny instead chose his younger brother Joshua to bear this burden. In search of a role of his own, Clive dedicated himself to mastering the blade. His practice pays off when, at just fifteen years of age, he wins the ducal tournament and is dubbed the First Shield of Rosaria—tasked to guard the Phoenix and blessed with the ability to wield a part of his fire. Alas, Clive's promising career is to end in tragedy at the hands of a mysterious dark Eikon, Ifrit, setting him on a dangerous road to revenge.

Next we have his younger brother Joshua, who to the surprise of many awoke as the Dominant of the Phoenix, a role many expected Clive to have.

Joshua Rosfield

(Photo: Square Enix)

The second son of the Archduke of Rosaria and Clive's younger brother by five years. Joshua awoke as the Dominant of the Phoenix soon after his birth. Despite his noble upbringing, Joshua treats all his father's subjects with warmth and affection—none more so than Clive, whom he deeply admires. Joshua often laments that it was he, the frail and bookish younger son, who was granted command of the firebird's flames, and not his stronger, braver brother. While Clive will gladly throw himself into any danger, Joshua quails at the sight of a carrot on his dinner plate. But carrots become the least of his concern when he, too, is swept up into the tragic events that change Clive's life forever.

Finally, we have Jill Warrick, who is pretty much family to Clive and Joshua and is a ward of Rosaria.

Jill Warrick

(Photo: Square Enix)

Born in the fallen Northern Territories, Jill was taken from her homeland at a tender age to become a ward of Rosaria, securing peace between the two warring nations. The Archduke insisted that she be raised alongside his sons, and now, at twelve years of age, she is as much a part of the Rosfield household as Clive and Joshua. Ever kind, gracious, and unassuming, Jill has become a trusted confidant to the brothers.

(Photo: Square Enix)

Here's the official description for Final Fantasy XVI.


FINAL FANTASY XVI brings players into a world where Eikons are powerful and deadly creatures that reside within Dominants—a single man or woman who is blessed with the ability to call upon their dreaded power. The story follows Clive Rosfield, a young man dedicated to mastering the blade, who is dubbed the First Shield of Rosaria and tasked to guard his younger brother Joshua—the Dominant of the Phoenix. Unexpected events set Clive on a dark and dangerous road to revenge.

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