Final Fantasy Getting 30th Anniversary Scotch – And, Boy, It’s Expensive

Square Enix has a lot planned for the 30th anniversary of its Final Fantasy franchise, and while [...]

Final Fantasy Scotch 2

Square Enix has a lot planned for the 30th anniversary of its Final Fantasy franchise, and while we wait to see what it's up to, some of us can enjoy a drink straight out of the series.

That's because, according to Tiny Cartridge, a special limited edition bottle of Final Fantasy 30th anniversary scotch is about to be offered. These are 700ml of Glenfacias that were originally distilled back in 1987, and will be offered exclusively through Shinanoya's online store, with pre-orders now available.

Now, there are a couple of catches that you'll want to keep in mind before you go running to the digital liquor store. The first is that there will only be 303 bottles available, featuring artwork by Yoshitaka Amano and the official Final Fantasy logo on the front. So they're sure to be collector's items for some people, and they will go fast.

Final Fantasy Scotch

But the second thing is the price. Since we are talking about scotch that's been distilled for 30 years, it's not going to come cheap. The going price for a bottle of this stuff is 37,000 yen, or $333. For some of you that have a large distillery or wine collection, this may fit right in. But for everyone else, that's a lot of scratch to put down.

There's nothing else about the bottle that shows a distinctive Final Fantasy design, like a Chocobo bottlecap or anything like that, but this does look like a neat little collectible to put alongside your statues of Red XIII and Cloud Strife, if you have such a collection going on. Plus, it will probably taste fantastic for you hardcore scotch drinkers, looking to celebrate the arrival of new Final Fantasy VII Remake information (if it comes) in style.

This stuff isn't likely to be made available in the States, so if you want to get a bottle for yourself, you'd better hurry over to Shinanoya and see if you can get your hands on one. We wish you the best of luck.

As for new Final Fantasy details, we're waiting to see what Square Enix has set for reveal next – which hopefully won't be long.