Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster Gets Release Date

Square Enix has announced the release date for Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster, and it's coming in just a few short weeks! On November 10th, retro enthusiasts and newcomers alike will get a chance to experience the game with new graphics and audio. Pre-purchases are available now, and Steam users have two different options for doing so. Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster can be purchased on its own for a discounted price of $14.39 (normally $17.99), or as part of a bundle that includes the other five pixel remasters for $74.82 (representing a discount of 22%).

Square Enix's Tweet announcing the game's release date can be found embedded below.

Final Fantasy V was originally released on the Super Famicom in Japan in 1992. A localization of the game was initially planned for the Super Nintendo, but the game's difficulty level led to Final Fantasy VI being prioritized, instead. After several failed attempts to release the game outside of Japan, it would eventually be released for the original PlayStation in 1999 as part of Final Fantasy Collection. Since then, the game has received ports on multiple platforms, with Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster being the latest example.

Unfortunately for console users, Square Enix still has not offered any potential information about ports for any of these pixel remasters. Considering the Final Fantasy franchise's roots on console, it seems like a safe bet that these versions will inevitably release on PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox platforms, but there's simply no way of saying for sure just yet. For now, fans of the series will just have to wait patiently, or check out the versions on Steam as they release. It's impossible to say how good Final Fantasy V Pixel Remaster will end up being, but if the game maintains the strong quality of the original, it should be worth the wait. At least this time around, fans probably won't have to wait years for it to happen!

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