Final Fantasy 7 Remake Developer Gives Update on Future Installments

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been one of 2020’s most popular games, but it won’t be the final [...]

Final Fantasy VII Remake has been one of 2020's most popular games, but it won't be the final entry in this newly-made version of Square Enix's iconic world. The publisher has more parts planned in this FFVII Remake saga, we just don't know when they'll be coming about. Well, to close the year out, one of the most noteworthy faces at Square Enix has given us a tease of what to expect in the future.

Speaking to Japanese publication Famitsu, Square Enix producer Yoshinori Kitase talked a bit about the past year and what he hopes to have in store for 2021. Kitase specifically pointed to the release of Final Fantasy VII Remake this past year and in one translation said that the game's new world "has only just begun." Alongside expressing excitement for the future of the story, Kitase said that development on the next installment in this series is currently "progressing smoothly."

For now, it's uncertain just how long Square Enix intends to work on Final Fantasy VII Remake or when future games in the series will arrive. Square currently has given no roadmap to the number of entries that this remake saga will be comprised of, primarily because even those at the company don't know. More details are said to come in the future though, according to Kitase.

The only thing we do have a decent idea of is that the Final Fantasy VII Remake stands a good chance of coming to PC or Xbox in 2021. Currently, the game is only available on PlayStation 4 but that might be changing within the coming months. Square Enix only made FFVII Remake available on PS4 as a timed-exclusive for one year, meaning that it will soon be able to release elsewhere if the publisher decides to do so.

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