New Final Fantasy VII Remake Screenshot Spotted on Recruitment Page

A new Final Fantasy VII Remake screenshot has been spotted on a Square Enix recruitment page. The image was brought to our attention this morning thanks to Twitter user DKHF. The tweet shows off an enlarged (and pretty blurry) version of this image:


In the background you may notice a never-before-seen boss battle, showing one of the early-game Final Fantasy VII bosses in the Remake engine for the first time. You can clearly see Cloud and his trust busty sword in the foreground, but unfortunately, no other main characters can be seen in the image.

The boss in question is none other than the "Airbuster." President Shinra describes it as a techno-soldier which emerged from the twisted minds at Shinra R&D, and it's one of the first bosses you'll face as a full party of three members. In the original game, Cloud, Barret, and Tifa all face off against the Airbuster together while infiltrating the sector 5 mako reactor.

Here's the cropped version:

This is the first fresh Final Fantasy VII Remake image we've seen in months, and we have no idea whether its placement on the recruitment page was intentional or not. This could just be a simple teaser for prospective employees to communicate that they'll be working on highly anticipated AAA games, or it could be teasing the imminent reveal of new screenshots or a new trailer; perhaps during E3?

As far as the Airbuster is concerned, it's obviously undergone a few changes. Here's what it used to look like in the original game:


Assuming that Square Enix is preserving its original strengths and weaknesses, this should actually be one of the easier engagements in the remake. The Airbuster has an extremely vulnerable back-side, and whenever it's struck from behind, it takes five times the normal amount of damage. In the original game, the Airbuster lands in the middle of the party, leaving Cloud on one side, and Tifa and Barret on the other side. If any of you have limit-breaks stored up and ready to go, unleashing them upon the Airbuster's shiny metal ass will end the fight quickly.

If you're wondering if we can glean any new information from the Japanese captions or descriptions on the website, don't worry, we already ran that mess through Google translate. It didn't yield anything new or interesting:


"'FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE' for home game machines is a complete remake work of 'FINAL FANTASY VII' released in 1997. By shifting to the in-house development system in order to stabilize the mass production system last year, the development workflow has also been greatly reviewed and the development efficiency has improved. Although the development system and foundation have already been set up and mass production development is proceeding smoothly, from the viewpoint of incorporating, we are continuously looking for new staff aiming for further creativity."

It's not much, but it's better than nothing! We'll be keeping our eyes and ears open during E3 in hopes of a new trailer. Stay tuned!