Final Fantasy XV's Noctis Now Playable in Tekken 7

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is hacking and slashing his way onto the Tekken 7 scene as Bandai Namco [...]

Final Fantasy XV's Noctis is hacking and slashing his way onto the Tekken 7 scene as Bandai Namco confirmed his arrival earlier this month via the epic trailer seen above! The 114th heir apparent to the Lucian throne, sans his boy band, is officially live now in the fighter!

The DLC3: Noctis Lucis Caelum pack is now live and comes with several goodies for players to enjoy. The latest DLC not only comes with Final Fantasy XV's Noctis but also brings an entirely new level of strategy within the game itself. In addition to the new fighter, players will also have access to the exclusive Hammerhead stage and new track lists such as "Stand Your Ground" and "Apocalypse Noctis Remix."

Five new outfits will also be available to make Noctis your own. Whether you're just looking for a new wardrobe, or enlisting a total makeover, Noctis is ready! With five different outfits alongside the new DLC drop, he's going to be looking mighty fine while warping around enemies into oblivion.

The fighter is also receiving Geese Howard from Fatal Fury as a playable DLC character as well, with even more content on the way! For now, Tekken 7 is also now updated with the 1.12 patch which includes several improvements to the online matching functionality and the performance of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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