Fire Emblem Warriors For Nintendo Switch Will Offer Two Different Resolutions


Playing a game in the highest resolution possible is a nice option to have – but others may prefer a faster game to one with greater detail. Fortunately, it looks like one of Nintendo's forthcoming releases will offer the best of both worlds.

Japanese publication Nintendo Dream recently had a chance to speak with Fire Emblem Warriors director Hiroya Usuda about available game options, and he revealed some very good news regarding the Nintendo Switch edition of the game – there will be two different types of resolution available.

According to Usuda, one option allows players to run through the game in 1080p at a solid 30 frames per second. However, for those preferring speed, there's also an available option for 720p and 60 frames per second. It's nice to have both available.

As for the forthcoming New 3DS version, it'll simply run at 30 frames per second, similar to Hyrule Legends Warriors, so players won't have to worry about that version running any slower.

So everyone seems to be satisfied with the availability of these options, based on what we've heard thus far. But there's also an option to change between Classic to Casual Mode within the game as well, so you can revive characters that managed to be lost before. The only catch is that you can't change back from Casual to Classic, unless you start a whole new game.


We'd love to see more games offer this option, for those that want either speed or graphical superiority. What do you say, developers?

Fire Emblem Warriors will release later this year for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3D