First Look At Jim Carrey In 'Sonic the Hedgehog' Revealed (UPDATE: It's Not Him)

Dr Eggman

UPDATE: Well, we can all breathe a little easier. YVRShoots misidentified the actor in the picture, based on this follow-up tweet. Whew.

ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier this year, we reported the surprising news that Jim Carrey would be portraying a version of Dr. Robotnik in Sonic the Hedgehog, a film that will combine live-action and CG characters into a seamless universe. And now, we've got an idea of what his character looks like.

A tweet shared by YVRShoots shows Carrey working on set with actor James Marsden, in what appears to be a first look from the film. But as you can see from the tweet below, Carrey doesn't quite resemble Dr. Eggman as we know him.

It could be early shooting yet, but Carrey seems to resemble more of an old man in the film with grey hair and a beard, instead of the comically designed Robotnik we've come to expect from the games, as pictured above. Granted, they may add CG effects later after some sort of transformation, but at the moment, he doesn't really look too...Eggman-y.

Fans have responded accordingly with a number of smarmy tweets, including the following:


Again, it's still early days yet in shooting, and a transformation could take place. But thus far, fans seem to be slightly disappointed in the representation. Let's see where the production goes from here.

Sonic the Hedgehog opens in November 2019.