For Honor Getting New Winter Event, Just In Time For Christmas

For Honor Winter Event

A lot of games have been getting into the holiday spirit as of late, with special events or downloads with a bit of a wintery theme to them.

Not to be outdone is Ubisoft’s For Honor, as the publisher has announced a new event that will be kicking off later this week, introducing some ice cold villains into the fold.

The event is known as the Frost Wind Festival, and it’ll be kicking off starting on November 21st. With it, players will find themselves up against some new challenges, but will also be rewarded with wintery goodies to unlock for their characters.

These goodies include new battle outfits and weapons, along with mood effects, emotes and more available for a limited time.

Those of you that log in for the event will be eligible to pick up a special mask outfit, which will be unique for each faction, for a price of just 15,000 steel per Hero.

In addition, a special bundle with winter-themed items will also be up for grabs in the shop starting on December 28th, though Ubisoft didn’t disclose its content as of yet.

Here’s a quick description of the event, straight from the publisher:

“The Frost Wind Festival also brings winter-themed rewards that players can use to customize their heroes. Battle outfits, new weapons, mood effects, emotes, and more can be obtained by playing any game mode during the event. In addition, for a limited time, players can access a new Mask outfit, which are unique per faction, for a discounted price of 15,000 Steel per Hero. A bundle featuring winter-themed items, which will dynamically change based on owned items, will also be available for each Hero starting on December 28.”


So if you haven’t dug into For Honor lately, or you’re picking it up for cheap this holiday season and want to see what it’s all about, this winter event should get you going on the right foot. Just make sure you put your survival skills to good use – you don’t want to be Jack Frost-ed on the battlefield. You can see the trailer for the event below.

For Honor is available now for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.