'Fortnite': All Pirate Cannon Locations

Fortnite Season 8 Week 2 challenges are now live and for those that are looking to rank up those tiers and collect those coveted Battle Stars, there's a few things you need to do first. Since this week's challenges requires players to deal out some damage with the help of a Pirate Cannon, we wanted to clearly mark where these bad boys are on the map so you can get started while keeping that head on a swivel.

Just in case you may be new to the world of Battle Royale, these weekly challenges are a set of quests that Epic Games has given to participants looking for a different way to level up and climb up those tier ranks. The goal essentially is to get all of the Battle Stars so that players can unlock progressive loot to show off to others. Get that stylish gear and show everybody else who is boss.

Ready to get started? Let's go:

1 (1)

Walk up to any of the above cannons and deal 100 in damage to complete this challenge off the list and move onto the next! For the rest of the challenges:

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1: Land at The Block - 1
  • Deal damage to descending Supply Drops - 200
  • Eliminations at Salty Springs or Haunted Hills - 3

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Stage 1: Gain health from apples - 25
  • Visit the furthest North, South, East, and West points of the island - 4
  • Deal damage to opponents with a Pirate Cannon - 100
  • Search a chest in different named locations in a single match - 3

As for the game itself, season 8 is now live for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile players. For more about the new season, as per Epic Games:

"Season 8 has arrived and a monstrous volcano has appeared! Freed from the Ice King’s castle, the now-powerful Prisoner has brought fire and flame to Fortnite and its islands," reads the latest blog post from the studio. "Pirates, Ninjas and a ship load of new fighters will tussle over treasure, battle with Pirate Cannons and uncover legendary loot. For those daring enough to explore, the new Lazy Lagoon and Sunny Steps locations are just a jump away with the help of Volcanic Vents. There are tons of new areas to explore and secrets to uncover. This season, X marks the spot!"


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