Fortnite Reveals First In-Game Look at Batman Crossover


Our first look at Fortnite's previously leaked and upcoming Batman crossover has been revealed. This is the first time Epic Games has acknowledged the crossover, which is now confirmed after leaking yesterday. That said, the confirmation is easy to miss, despite being located in a popular location. To find the first look at the crossover, you will need to head over to Tilted Town, where the Rift Beacon is once again active, suggesting the area is about to be changed, presumably to accompany this new crossover.

Once you're in Tilted Town and near the Beacon, look for the hay bales. Located right in the hay bales is a Batarang, which you can't pick up. That said, it appears to be stuck as if someone threw it. Now, this simply could mean Batarangs are coming to the game, which wouldn't be very surprising (especially given the content of aforementioned leak), but it also may suggest a Batman character will be added, whether via a unique mode or a new premium skin. Of course, it's also possible both of these things are accurate. Whatever the case, once you know where it's, the teaser is hard to miss, but if you need a visual aid, you can find one below:

As you may know, in addition to teasing explosive batarang weapons, the aforementioned leak also revealed a Batman grapnel gun is coming alongside some filler customization items. However, at the moment, there's still no word of a Batman skin, which is what everyone is dying to know more about.

Of course, this isn't the first superhero crossover for the game. It's had two crossovers with Marvel's Avengers and even had two John Wick crossovers, who technically isn't a superhero, but is in my book.


Fornite is available for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Expect to hear and possibly see more of this crossover next week, with Epic Games likely to start teasing it this weekend.

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