Fortnite Adds Marvel's Blade to the Shop

Fortnite has made Marvel hero Blade available in the Item Shop. Now, earlier this week, Epic tipped their hand about bringing the Daywalker to the wildly popular game. Marvel got in on some of the fun and it seems like most of the publisher’s roster will be available in some capacity before this entire Nexus event is over. For fans of the character, this has to be a fun moment, despite the paywall in place. Iron Man, Thor, Silver Surfer, Groot, and other heroes were all ported in during Nexus War. Every Season, Fortnite continues to find ways to energize the player base and these crossovers continue to do numbers along with the in-game events like the BTS performance they’re promoting on the site right now.

“Seize the day and save the night as the Daywalker himself. Half-vampire, half-human, 100% bloodsucker slayer, the Blade Outfit has arisen in the Item Shop along with the Blade Bundle,” Epic said. “Ready to hunt down bloodsuckers no matter the time of day, the Blade Outfit comes with the Sword of the Daywalker Pickaxe and Back Bling. With both equipped, wield the Sword as your Pickaxe — or sheathe it as your Back Bling. Also available in the Item Shop is the Dayflier Glider, a special delivery from Blade’s mentor Whistler. Fly in and make the undead fear.”’s Rollin Bishop broke down the teasers earlier this week while people were trying to make heads or tails of all those emojis. It seems clear as day right now, but as with most things Epic Games, it was shrouded in murky messaging.

“Now, the official tease here is basically just a bunch of emojis, but given the hashtag, and the fact that Blade is called the "Daywalker" (see the sun there?) it basically leaves no room for it to be anything else,” Bishop explained. “Also, the usual suspects when it comes to Fortnite leaks and datamining efforts have also been sharing further indications that Blade will be coming in the near future. There's even reference to a "Blade Bundle" in the code. The only remaining thing now is for the official announcement and assets to go out, really.”

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