Beware: Fortnite Chapter 2 Map Features Multiple Instant Death Zones

Fortnite Chapter 2 launched this week, adding a new map to the game, new gameplay features, new [...]

Fortnite Chapter 2 launched this week, adding a new map to the game, new gameplay features, new guns, and much more to the popular PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile battle royale game. That said, it seems not everything Epic Games has added to the title's revamp is good. More specifically, players are discovering instant death zones in the game's new map. As you may know, deathzones have reared their head in the game every once in awhile, but have been thankfully absent for a few seasons now. However, it seems they are back and somewhat prominent.

Streamers TimTheTatman and SypherPK -- two popular Fortnite streamers -- have both come across two different instant deathzones near Frenzy Farm that result in inexplicable death. Luckily, both instances were caught on stream.

Of course, these bugs should be fixed relatively soon, like previous deathzones were. However, at the moment of publishing, they haven't been fixed. That said, given that Epic Games radically overhauled the title means it has come across a whole big new batch of issues and bugs. In other words, this may not be near the top of the developer's fix list, so it could be a bit before it's remedied.

Fortnite is available for PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices. Below, you can read more about why we think the game is back to its glory days with this new season:

"The game got clogged up with too many features throughout its later seasons. Mechs plagued the island, planes came and went over the winter seasons, and tubes around the map were offering fast travel which seemed to defeat the purpose of keeping the shrinking storm circle in mind," reads a snippet from our previously linked article. "Vehicles were running rampant and people were starting to tune out of the game (though there were also millions that weren't). Now, Fortnite seems to have identified what its gameplay and features were when it hit its peak and reverted to those being at the forefront on a whole new map which offers the same exploratory feeling the bandwagon bunch had in 2017."