Fortnite Creators Vow To Do "Whatever It Takes" To Make All Platform Crossplay Happen


The team behind the popular online title Fortnite, Epic Games, have made a mighty pledge, one that many gamers world-wide have been asking more and more developers to lend support to. When Fortnite accidentally turned on cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One players, immediately people were beyond stoked to see that gap closing. When it was immediately switched back off, many were confused and left feeling like this maybe won't be happening for longer yet.

With Xbox, Valve, and Nintendo all on board - the only block really at this point is Sony. Sony has had a hard stance against cross-play since the get-go stating that they don't need, nor want, this feature in the line-up. With more and more developers pledging their support to crossplay becoming a standard, and three main platform powerhouses also ready for the move - perhaps that can change in the near future. Epic Games seems to be leading that charge because they made a pledge during the Game Awards ceremony stating that they were going to do "whatever it takes" to see this happen.

Creative Director Donald Mustard was not shy about stating that this is something that needs to happen and that he and his team do not like that players are left out due to "platform restrictions." Ending on a "players deserve it" note, the already beloved Fortnite title just got a whole new way of love, we're thinking.

It will be interesting to see if, or when, Sony responds. The pressure is on. Developers, publishers, big corporation - more and more names are beginning to lean on the idea, and idea that has been around for a long time but never saw total fruition. Could Sony finally crack and aid in giving players what they deserve?