'Fortnite' Cube Beginning To Crack Open


Earlier this week, Fortnite players seemingly discovered some cracking in the game's giant and mysterious cube.

The cracks were small, but they weren't there before, and they seemed to suggest that the cube's destruction was on the way.

Now, a few days later after the first cracks began to emerge, they have started to get bigger and more pronounced, seemingly confirming that the cube is slowly but surely cracking open.

What this means, who knows. The cube has been around since last season, and while many thought its story was coming to an end at the start of Season 6, it didn't. In fact, it's still at the heart of all of the in-game events.

While nobody seems super confident on what exactly Epic Games is doing with Fortnite at the moment, or what the cracking means, there are some theories.

In addition to spouting out theories, the community has also been expressing its tiredness of the cube saga, which has been going on for months at this point, and hasn't quite captured and captivated the audience like past in-game events, perhaps due to its slow-burn nature.

Nonetheless, with the cube cracking, there is likely more changes and surprises right around the corner. But at this point, who knows what these surprises and changes will be.


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