Fortnite Dance Class Is a Thing, Learn the Moves Behind the Emotes

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. When Epic Games first revealed their free-to-play Battle [...]

Fortnite has taken the world by storm. When Epic Games first revealed their free-to-play Battle Royale mode on top of their already successful Save the World, many were skeptical that it couldn't stand up to the shining glory of PUBG. Quickly, that skepticism was proven wrong and now it seems like the online title is everywhere in mainstream media. Now? It's in the class room. Sort of.

Whether you want to "floss" like nobody is watching or get your inner Orange Shirt Kid on, there's now officially a dance class in the UK offered in over 30 gyms to help kids get back in shape and learn the moves they love the most.

For those in the UK, you might be familiar with the popular gym chain David Lloyd. It's there where the younger generation are learning all of those sweet, sweet dance moves from the game that has almost a cult-like following. Of course, you can't just announce a Fortnite dance class and not expect that meme blowback. Case and point:

Still, joking aside - if it gets kids active, we're happy. Part of Fortnite's charm is that it does not take itself too seriously and if that's a takeaway kids can get from the online play experience and bring it into the real world? We say go for it, the world could use a little more light-hearted fun.

In other, actual Fortnite news (unless you want to read about how Epic Games didn't encounter poop during Gamescom), you need to check out this footage of the mysterious cube that just landed amidst lighting strikes! Just be careful! Though it grants shields to those nearby, it gets angry at aggressors and has definitely proved fatal. Learn more, and see it for yourself, here.

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