Fortnite Ending Live Event Video: Lobbies, Games, Everything Crashes

(Photo: Brandon Davis / Twitter)

Fortnite has been teasing the end of its era for weeks with Sunday's live event but no one has known for sure what would come of the moment where everything changed. On Sunday at 1pm ET, the live event began, but the mystery only grew. For gamers who were fortunate enough to log into Fortnite servers which were overloaded with gamers hoping to catch a glimpse of the live event in real time, the end was near. A big bang of sorts pulled everyone and everything into a black hole which, at the time of publishing, has not changed for anyone.

A video captured the moment which a game lobby was sucked into the black hole, which might simply be Fortnite's clever way of holding downtime to update as a means to roll out the new map. It might also simply be the end of Fortnite, as there are no signs of updates and all of Fortnite's social media accounts have literally gone dark.

Check out the video below to see the moment when Fortnite was sucked into a black hole...

It is unclear what will come of this interesting play by Epic Games following the end of Season X. Some rumors point to Fortnite: Chapter 2 making its way out but what that means in uncertain. Will it be an entirely new game in need of a different download? Will it simply be a new map with some different weapons, locations, and abilities?

Fortnite has become one of the most popular games in the world thanks to its free to play format. Whatever this update and new approach to the game ultimately becomes, it seems Epic Games has another hit on its hands as the title became a trend on Twitter with so many people buzzing about what's happening.

Players who were in games had a similar experience, witnessing the various elements of Fortnite being sucked into the same black hole along with their avatars.

Check out the in-game video of the live event below.


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