Fortnite Fans Divided Over New Changes

The recent Fortnite update made a couple of strange changes to the game or, more specifically, to a couple of guns in the game, and in the process, divided fans. Once upon a time, shotguns dominated the Fortnite meta, but not anymore. Right now, the close-range weapon of choice is the SMG. Despite this, one of the game's shotguns just got a major nerf that turns it from an average weapon to a pretty underwhelming gun to use. To balance this out, one of the worst guns in the game -- a shotgun -- has received a major nerf that makes it far more useable. Lastly, you may now find that one AR feels a bit different. 

When the game isn't promoting its latest crossover or making map changes, it's usually tweaking the game's weapons, and when needed, adding new ones or removing problematic/unpopular ones. To this end, three weapon changes have been made. One is to the Burst AR, which used to deal the same damage no matter the range, but now deals three less damage on mid-range and five less damage on long-range. The second change is to the Two-Shot, which now shoots its second shot 50 percent faster. And lastly, there are the puzzling changes to the Striker Pump, which has had its damage reduced, going from 103/108/114/120/126 to 91/96/102/108/114. 

As noted, many players are completely divided over these changes, while others are confused. That said, this isn't the first time players have been divided and confused over weapon changes. 

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