Fortnite's Next Event Seemingly Leaked

Fortnite's next event -- or at least an event happening in the near future -- has seemingly leaked, and it unsurprisingly involves Risky Reels, a location that has been the epicenter of a few events in the past. Unfortunately, the finer details on this mysterious new event haven't been revealed, leaving many PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile fans of the battle royale game to speculate. That said, there are a few nuggets floating around thanks to a few different dataminers.

First off, new assets of Risky Reels were recently found in the game's files, showing off changes to the layout of the location, which is how dataminers deduced something is happening to the location. However, looking at said assets doesn't really reveal much other than the layout of the vehicles will be changed and some new vehicles will be added. In other words, it doesn't seem like the area is getting a makeover, but will just be impacted by whatever this event is.

That said, it looks like for the event something will be shown on the movie theater screen at the location, and that it will be two-minutes long. Further, it seems the video will complete by January 1, 2020, a timing that surely isn't a coincidence.

Again, at this point, all we can do is speculate, but it's obvious another big event is coming, likely for the change in year. Further, it's increasingly obvious that Risky Reels will player a considerable role in said event.

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