Fortnite Exclusive Gamescom and PAX Cosmetic Items Leaked

Epic Games deployed their latest patch for Fortnite Tuesday and players wasted no time before [...]

Epic Games deployed their latest patch for Fortnite Tuesday and players wasted no time before diving into the hidden files within the game to uncover even more unlockable goodness in between Victory Royales.

We revealed an extensive collection of skins, items, and emotes datamined earlier Tuesday and now another data extraordinaire has uncovered even more items yet to come. With both PAX West and Gamescom right around the corner, it would only make sense that the developers would be looking to celebrate.

According to Twitter user @MystxcLeaks, there have been several limited time only sprays that will be available during both events:

Considering that the item shop rotates every day at 8 p.m. ET, it wouldn't be hard for the team to make sure they had something a little special during both major events. Especially so now that we know Fortnite has made Epic Games worth over $8 billion! We're willing to bet they have a few extra bucks to spend on nifty limited-time only designs.

Speaking of leaked cosmetics, there was also a really stunning Galaxy skin also datamined Tuesday — though the one that uncovered the png file has noted that it won't be available in the item shop at all. With the Android release right around the corner and the most common Android device being the Samsung Galaxy, many have speculated that it could potentially be an exclusive skin to celebrate the final platform to come available for the popular online game. You can see the skin for yourself as well as what other players are saying about it right here.

In other Fortnite news, the latest patch is now live. You can see the full patch notes right here including the brand new Limited Time Mode 'Steady Storm,' the changes made to vending machines, and the newly added double-barrel shotgun!